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Previously Accepted Targets:

Previously Accepted Swift proposals (with Abstracts):

Schedule for Swift Cycle 11

Detailed information on how to submit Swift Cycle 11 proposals and what is new in Cycle 11 can be found on the Swift Cycle 11 web page.
Please also see the Swift GI Program FAQs for details on what types of observations are permitted in Cycle 11.

Schedule for Swift Cycle 10 (Active)

Swift Target of Opportunity Requests

The Swift MOC considers requests for Target of Opportunity (TOO) observations on timely non-GRB targets of astrophysical interest. For more information, and to submit a TOO request visit the Swift MOC's TOO page.

Planning Tools

Want to get an idea of how the BAT, XRT and UVOT instruments will perform on your favorite source? Check out our Swift simulation tools!