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Swift PhDs

  1. The relationship between UV and Optical variability and X-ray variability in Active Galactic Nuclei
    Cameron, Duncan; University of Southampton, 2014
  2. An examination of black hole binaries using X-ray observations and the development of the Bragg reflection polarimeter
    Allured, Ryan; The University of Iowa, 2012
  3. Swift observations of x-ray/gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057
    Bongiorno, Stephen; The Pennsylvania State University, 2013
  4. BAT Slew Survey (BATSS): Slew Data Analysis for the Swift-BAT Coded Aperture Imaging Telescope
    Copete, Antonio io; Harvard University, 2012
  5. A Study of Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxies
    Graham, John; Johns Hopkins University, 2013
  6. On the Gamma Ray Emission of the Short GRB 090510
    He, Haoning; Nanjing University, 2012
  7. A new paradigm for the interpretation of the thermal emission in GRBs
    Izzo, Luca; Sapienza, University of Rome, 2012
  8. Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources in the Andromeda Galaxy: Two Recent Discoveries and their Implications
    Kaur, Amanpreet; Clemson University, 2012
  9. Modelling the prompt and afterglow emission of Gamma-Ray bursts
    Littlejohns, Owen Madoc; University of Leicester, 2013
  10. Investigating Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitors & Central Engines
    Lyons, Nicola; University of Leicester, 2013
  11. Improving Type Ia Supernova Standard Candle Cosmology Measurements Using Observations of Early-Type Host Galaxies
    Meyers, Joshua Evan; University of California, Berkeley, 2012
  12. Studies of Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission with RHESSI and NCT
    Bellm, Eric Christopher; University of California, Berkeley, 2011
  13. Testing and Improving the Luminosity Relations for Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Collazzi, Andrew; University of Texas, Austin, 2011
  14. Spectral Analysis of X-Ray Binaries
    Fridriksson, Joel K.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011
  15. Bridging the gap : elusive explosions in the local universe
    Kasliwal, Mansi M.; California Institute of Technology, 2011
  16. The host galaxies of ultra hard X-ray selected AGN
    Koss, Michael J.; University of Maryland, College Park, 2011
  17. Observational Studies of Magnetar Candidates and Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Lin, Lin; Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011
  18. The X-ray behaviour of Fermi/LAT pulsars
    Marelli, Martino; University Insubria, 2011
  19. Modeling gamma-ray bursts
    Maxham, Amanda; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2011
  20. A search for TeV neutrino emission with IceCube coincident with Swift BAT flares from blazars
    Movit, Steven Michael; The Pennsylvania State University, 2011
  21. Nichelli, Elisa; University of Rome, 2011
  22. The Diverse Environments of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Perley, Daniel Alan; University of California, Berkeley, 2011
  23. Statistical Analysis of the Observable Data of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Ripa, Jakub; 2011
  24. Svensson, Karl; Leicester University, 2011
  25. Swift GRB Afterglow Observations & Interpretation
    Thöne, Chrstina; DARK Center Denmark, 2011
  26. Tunnicliffe, Rachel; University of Leicester, 2011
  27. Multi-wavelength Study of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows
    Uehara, Takeshi; Hiroshima University, 2011
  28. Spectral Lags and Variability of Gamma-ray Bursts in the Swift Era
    Ukwatta, Tilan N.; 2011
  29. Gamma-ray burst populations
    Virgili, Francisco Javier; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2011
  30. A Study of UV, Optical, and X-ray Emission from Quasars
    Wu, Jian; The Pennsylvania State University, 2011
  31. Gamma-Ray Burst Redshift Catalog and Applications
    Xiao, Limin; University of Texas, Austin, 2011
  32. Interactions between relativistic GRB outflows and medium
    Xu, Ming; Nanjing University, China, 2011
  33. Phenomenological studies in astronomy and collider physics
    Yencho, Brian; The University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2011
  34. Spectroscopy of high redshift sightlines
    Zafar, Tayyaba; University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011
  35. A multi-wavelength study on gamma-ray bursts and their afterglows
    Zhang, Binbin; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2011
  36. Cosmological aspects of gamma ray bursts
    Behkam, Razieh; Arizona State University, 2010
  37. The Swift-XRT Survey of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies
    Bignamini, Andrea; 2010
  38. Multiwavelength observations of accreting binary systems
    Byckling, Kristiina; University of Leicester, 2010
  39. Active Galactic Nuclei throughout the Spectrum: M 87, PKS 2052-47, and the MOJAVE sample
    Chang, Chin-Shin; University of Cologne, 2010
  40. Gamma-ray burst afterglows as probes of their host galaxies and the cosmos
    Cucchiara, Antonino; The Pennsylvania State University, 2010
  41. Data reduction and progenitor of GRBs
    Cui, Xiaohong; Peking University, 2010
  42. Exploring sub-luminous X-ray binaries
    Degenaar, Nathalie; University of Amsterdam, 2010
  43. Multidimensional diffusive shock acceleration in the winds from massive stars
    Edmon, Paul Pretzer; University of Minnesota, 2010
  44. High-Energy Phenomena in Extreme Astrophysical Objects and the Origin of High-Energy Cosmic Rays
    Murase, Kohta; Kyoto University, 2010
  45. Investigating gamma-ray burst afterglows using optical/UV and X-ray observations from Swift
    Oates, Samantha; University of London, 2010
  46. Observational Study on Hard X-Ray Variability in Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Onda, Kaori; Saitama University, 2010
  47. Exploring The Bizarrerie: Research on Selective Physical Processes in Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Shen, Rongfeng; University of Texas at Austin, 2010
  48. Accretion/ejection coupling in X-ray binaries
    Soleri, P.; Univeristy of Amsterdam, 2010
  49. A method for establishing constraints on galactic magnetic field models using ultra high energy cosmic rays and results from the data of the Pierre Auger Observatory
    Sutherland, Michael Stephen; The Ohio State University, 2010
  50. Gamma Ray Bursts as Probes of Dust in the Evolving Universe
    Updike, Adria C.; Clemson University, 2010
  51. Inverse Compton scattering in galaxy clusters
    Wik, Daniel Ryan; University of Virginia, 2010
  52. Gamma-Ray Burst Redshift Catalog and Applications
    Xiao, Limin; Louisiana State University, 2010
  53. Photometrical studies of GRB Optical Afterglows
    Xin, Liping; National Astronomical Observcatories, Chinese Academiy of Sciences, China, 2010
  54. Chasing the Brightest Cosmic Explosions with ROTSE-III
    Yuan, Fang; University of Michigan, 2010
  55. Accretion states and thermonuclear bursts in neutron star X-ray binaries
    Alegret, M. Linares; University of Amsterdam, 2009
  56. The ultraviolet properties of supernovae
    Brown, Peter J.; The Pennsylvania State University, 2009
  57. The energetics and environments of Swift gamma-ray bursts
    Cenko, S. Bradley; California Institute of Technology, 2009
  58. A search for Gamma Ray Burst Neutrinos in AMANDA
    Duvoort, M. R.; University Utrecht, The Netherlands, 20092009
  59. Observations of gamma-ray burst afterglows with the AEOS Burst Camera
    Flewelling, Heather Anne; University of Michigan, 2009
  60. Gamma Ray Bursts: Selected results from the Swift mission
    Hurkett, Cheryl; University of Leicester, 2009
  61. Gamma-ray Bursts: outflows and surroundings
    Jin, Zhi-Ping; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2009
  62. Early afterglows and high energy emission of gamma-ray bursts
    Liu, Xuewen; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2009
  63. Toward New Insights on GRB Physics: From X-ray Spectroscopy to the Identification of Characteristic Time Scales
    Margutti, Raffaella; Brera Observatory, 2009
  64. The collimation signatures of gamma-ray bursts: Jet properties and energetics inferred from X-ray afterglow observations
    Racusin, Judith Lea; The Pennsylvania State University, 2009
  65. A search for muon neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts with the IceCube 22-string detector
    Roth, A. Philip, Jr.; University of Maryland, College Park, 2009
  66. Gamma-ray bursts in their early stages
    Shao, Lang; Nanjing University, China, 2009
  67. Swift Short Gamma Ray Bursts
    Troja, Eleonora; University Palermo, 2009
  68. Gamma and x-ray observations of GRBs The INTEGRAL ISCRI sample and dust scattering expanding rings
    Vianello, Giacomo; University Insubria, 2009
  69. Gamma-ray bursts: afterglow modeling, origin, and implications
    Xu, Dong; Dark Cosmology Center, NBI, 2009
  70. High energy radiation from GRBs and their afterglows
    Xue, Rong-Rong; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2009
  71. Optical follow-up observations and studies of gamma-ray burst afterglows, National Astronomical Observatories
    Zheng, Weikang; Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2009
  72. Long-term observations of gamma-ray bursts: The complex connection between gamma-ray bursts and supernovae
    Cobb, Bethany Elisa; Yale University, 2008
  73. Multi-wavelength analyses of gamma-ray bursts: Features of Swift GRBs and the blast wave model
    Curran, P. A.; University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2008
  74. Swift observations of the Moon: A search for the lunar albedo and occultation
    Dewitt, Vanessa C.; The University of Alabama, Huntsville, 2008
  75. A wideband analog correlating spectrometer for millimeter astronomy
    Goeller, Robert E.; University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2008
  76. Astroparticle physics with the MINOS Far Detector
    Grashorn, Eric William; University of Minnesota, 2008
  77. Gamma-ray burst observations above 100 GeV with STACEE
    Jarvis, Alexander Charles; University of California, Los Angeles, 2008
  78. Constraining the AGN contribution in a multiwavelength study of Seyfert galaxies
    Melendez Hernandez, Marcio Baal; The Catholic University of America, 2008
  79. X-ray flares in Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Morris, David C.; The Pennsylvania State University, 2008
  80. Gamma-ray burst outflows and afterglows
    Morsony, Brian James; University of Colorado, Boulder, 2008
  81. Peering into X-ray sky with Swift/BAT and XMM-Newton
    Novara, Giovanni; 2008
  82. Monitoring of X-ray binaries and novae with the Burst Alert Telescope on board the Swift satellite
    Senziani, Fabio; Universit‘a degli Studi XX ciclo, 2008
  83. Study of the high-energy emission from AGN and its correlation to the other wavelengths
    Soldi, S.; 2008
  84. Gamma-Ray Burst host Galaxies at high resolution
    Thöne, Christina Carina; University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008
  85. Probing the Efficiency of Electron-Proton Coupling in Relativistic Collisionless Shocks through the Radio Polarimetry of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows
    Toma, Kenji; Kyoto University, 2008
  86. Relativistic blast waves and gamma-ray burst afterglows
    Uhm, Zuhngwhi Lucas; Columbia University, 2008
  87. Extragalactic X-ray surveys of ULXs and AGNs
    Winter, Lisa M.; University of Maryland, College Park, 2008
  88. A search for multi-planet systems
    Wittenmyer, Robert Andrew; The University of Texas, Austin, 2008
  89. Pulse temporal characteristics and their energy dependences of gamma-ray bursts
    Zhang, Fu-Wen; Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2008
  90. Cometary X-rays. Solar wind charge exchange in cometary atmospheres
    Bodewits, Dennis; University of Groningen, 2007
  91. Studies of intrinsic properties of gamma ray bursts detected by the HETE-II satellite
    Csatorday, Peter; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007
  92. A wideband analog correlating spectrometer for millimeter astronomy
    Goeller, Robert E.; University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2007
  93. Detectability of high redshift GRBs
    Gou, Lijun; Penn State University, 2007
  94. Gamma-ray bursts and their afterglows: Toward a unified model
    McMahon, Erin Malia; The University of Texas, Austin, 2007
  95. Properties of Early X-Ray Afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Sato, Rie; Tokyo Tech, 2007
  96. Prompt Observations Of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Swift
    Schady, P.; University of London, 2007
  97. The Many Facets of Cosmic Explosions
    Soderberg, A. M. ; California Institute of Technology, 2007
  98. Broadband view of blast wave physics: a study of gamma-ray burst afterglows
    van der Horst, A.J.; University of Amsterdam, 2007
  99. Gamma-ray burst populations
    Virgili, Francisco Javier; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2007
  100. Delving into the dragons den: the host galaxies of gamma-ray bursts
    Wiersema, K.; University of Amsterdam, 2007
  101. Early afterglow evolution of x-ray flashes observed by Swift
    Hullinger, Derek; University of Maryland, College Park, 2006
  102. Progenitors for long and short gamma-ray bursts
    Malesani, Daniele; ISAS Trieste, 2006
  103. Probing reionization and early structure formation
    Mesinger, Andrei; Columbia University, 2006
  104. Study of Hard X-ray Emission from Accreting Neutron Star Binaries
    Mitani, Takefumi; University of Tokyo, 2006
  105. Gamma-ray and X-ray Study of Relativistic Jets in Gamma-ray Burst Sources detected with Swift
    Sato, Goro; University of Tokyo, 2006
  106. Probing for correlated neutrino emission from gamma-ray bursts with Antarctic Cherenkov telescopes: A theoretical modeling and analytical search paradigm in the context of the fireball phenomenolgy
    Stamatikos, Michael; State University of New York, Buffalo, 2006
  107. Numerical Study on the Hard X-ray Response of the Burst Alert Telescope onboard Swift
    Suzuki, Masaya; Saitama University, 2006
  108. Gamma-ray burst and its afterglow: reverse-forward shock, orphan afterglow and jet structure
    Zou, Yuan-Chuan; Nanjing University, China, 2006
  109. The physical composition of the GRB outflow and the observational signals
    Fan, Yi-Zhong; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2005
  110. Researches on the X-ray line in the afterglow of Gamma-ray Bursts
    Gao, Wei-Hong; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2005
  111. Prompt observations of gamma-ray burst afterglows with ROTSE-III
    Rykoff, Eli S.; University of Michigan, 2005