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The first data product to be produced is the TDRSS finding chart. This is constructed from a 150 s white exposure. Next, a 50 second UV grism exposure is taken if the BAT, properties of the burst suggest that the optical afterglow will be bright. After this, a 250 second u-band exposure is taken and transmitted to the ground via the TDRSS link. Next, a series of 20 s UV and optical images are taken. This sequence is followed by a second 150 s white finding chart exposure. After this a sequence of images is taken using each filter to produce optical and UV light curves.

The above observing sequence was put in place on 7 October 2008. It may be changed in the future to improve the detection or observation efficiency of UVOT, or to address specific science questions.

Eleonora Troja 2013-09-03