Scaled Map Transient Analysis for AX J1631.9-4752

AX J1631.9-4752 RA= 248.008 degs ; Dec= -47.874 degs

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  • BAT Survey results for AX J1631.9-4752
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This source is within the BAT confusion radius of another X-ray transient detected in December 2018. The transient is MAXI J1631-479,
    at location RA=247.806, Dec=-47.805, as reported in ATel #12340. The apparent high flux levels in the light curves below for AX J1631.9-4752 in late 2018
    and early 2019 are actually contamination from MAXI J1631-479. A light curve derived for the position of MAXI J1631-479 is shown below. Note however,
    that since AX J1631.9-4752 is continuously detected in the BAT at a low level, the MAXI source light curve is conversely contaminated by AX J1631.  AX J1631.9-4752  AX J1631.9-4752 Dashed lines show average rate (and +/- 1 sigma standard deviation) for this source (derived from this plot) AXJ1631.9-4752 MAXIJ1631-472 AX J1631.9-4752