Scaled Map Transient Analysis for EXO 1745-248

EXO 1745-248 RA= 267.022 degs ; Dec= -24.780 degs

Please note: Recent observations reported in the Astronomer's Telegram suggest that there is a new transient source in Terzan 5, tentatively named IGR J17480-2446 and located 6.8 arc seconds from the proposed optical counterpart of EXO 1745-2348. These two sources are much too close together to be resolved by BAT, therefore, we cannot have them both in the transient monitor catalog as separate sources. Given the precedence of EXO 1745-2348, we retain that source in our catalog.
To further confuse the region, there is also a report of a third transient neutron star in Terzan 5, Swift J174805.3-244647 (e.g. ATel #4242), also within ~10 arcsec of the other two sources. It is not possible for Swift/BAT to resolve these sources.

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  •  EXO 1745-248  EXO 1745-248 Dashed lines show average rate (and +/- 1 sigma standard deviation) for this source (derived from this plot) EXO1745-248 EXO 1745-248