Scaled Map Transient Analysis for Swift J0243.6+6124

Swift J0243.6+6124 RA= 40.9186 degs ; Dec= 61.4323 degs

Special note (2018-05-28): 
In November 2017, there were several anomalously low points in the orbit and daily light curves of Swift J0243.6+6124.
The BAT team has determined that these low points are due to a software issue
(i.e. the "data-overflow problem"; see more description in the Main Page ) and are not intrinsic to the source.
We have reprocessed data from day 308 to day 325 in 2017 and removed these data points that are caused by the overflow problem.
We are currently reprocessing the full data set from the beginning of the mission. The whole process is expected to take about two months.

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