Util::Filename (version $)

This is a generic filename generator. Files are grouped into types, each type having a specific name. This class allows you to refer to files by their type and a list of their properties, such as instrument, mode, etc. This way you may modify the file names without having to modify the processing script in multiple places.

This class also knows some things about the output catalogs for the processing script. It knows the file class for each file type and catalog, and it also knows a human-readible description of each file type.

This class gets most of its information from the file_classes list file for the processing script. The constructor reads this file and remembers its contents.

This is a mission-independant class. It knows about the file names of universal things like log files, catalogs, etc., and can read the input catalog and the processing parameter file to get more file names. Although you can get alot of mileage out of this class, nearly all missions need to create a sub-class of this one to handle the particular needs of that mission.