The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Swift Data Products

Data Distribution Policy: Everything to Everyone, Immediately

All Swift data products is placed in the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) and mirror archives in Italy and the UK. These archives make all Swift data available electronically to everyone, regardless of affiliation. The data are automatically processed by the Swift Data Center pipeline as soon as they are downlinked, and flow directly to the archives without a proprietary period, and with the minimal technologically feasible delay.

Data Products

After each BAT Trigger Time from Trigger
Rapid BAT position and flux 20 s
XRT position 120 s
UVOT finding chart 300 s
X-ray spectrum 1212 s

From Malindi Ground Station Dump Time from Dump
Quick-Look Products 2-3 hr
BAT Data 2-3 hr
XRT Data 2-3 hr
UVOT Data 2-3 hr
Refined XRT Position 2-3 hr
UVOT Position and Identification 2-3 hr

High-Level GRB Products Time
Final Telemetry Archive 1 week*
BAT Products Daily
Afterglow Database Daily
Calibration Database Daily
Catalog of GRBs Daily
GRB Redshift Daily
Follow-Up Campaign Data Daily

Other High-Level Products Time
Hard X-Ray Catalog Weekly
XRT Catalog Weekly
UVOT Image Databases Weekly

* 1 week = 1 week after last observation of the source