The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Swift Archive

Swift Archive Access

The Swift archive can be accessed via the following interfaces:

Special Swift interface Query Swift observation logs using GRB names and/or specific Swift parameters: searches and data retrieval are powered by the HEASARC Browse.
For a given GRB name or position, query the GCN and NVO.
HEASARC interface Make searches across multiple missions, including Swift
Anonymous FTP via HTTPS or wget or script Do direct data retrieval without browsing the observatory logs.

The Swift data may also be accessed at:

Swift Data Availability

Swift timetable

  • Within Minutes: Soon after a GRB is detected, TDRSS messages are broadcast via the GCN
  • Within Hours/days: Soon after the telemetry arrives from the Malindi ground station, the data are available from the Quick look area
  • About a Week Later: After an observation is completed, the data are made available in the archive and removed from the Quick-look area.

Swift Archive Documentation

Note: Swift-discovered sources are to be named using the following convention:


Swift Calibration Data Archive

The calibration data are archived in the HEASARC calibration database (CALDB). The latest releases of the calibration data and their supporting information are available in the Swift Caldb page.