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The Swift Technical Handbook contains information about the Swift mission, instruments, performance, and technical feasibility.

Science Justification Template: We encourage you to use the updated LaTeX template or the updated MS Word template for the scientific part of the proposal (i.e., the written text component of the proposal). The style files needed to compile the LaTeX file can be found here. If you use your own template, make sure that your proposal is readily legible, and that you include the same sections as in the template. It is strongly recommended to use a font size of 12pt or larger. Proposals that exceed our page limit, are deemed poorly readable or are missing any required sections will be penalized.

Schedule for Swift Cycle 20

Schedule for Swift Cycle 19 (Active)

Detailed information on how to submit Swift Cycle 20 proposals and what is new in Cycle 20 can be found on the Swift Cycle 20 web page.

Please also see the Swift GI Program FAQs for details on what types of observations are permitted in Cycle 20.

Swift Target of Opportunity Requests

Swift accepts requests for Target of Opportunity (TOO) observations on transient astrophysical sources (GRB and non-GRB targets). For more information, and to submit a TOO request visit the Swift TOO page.

Planning Tools

Want to get an idea of how the BAT, XRT and UVOT instruments will perform on your favorite source? Check out our Swift simulation tools!

Previously Accepted Targets:

Previously Accepted Swift proposals (with Abstracts):