The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Swift UVOT Bright Star Checker

Before submitting an observing proposal, we encourage you to check the operational constraints and performance issues of Swift's Ultra-Violet/Optical Telescope (UVOT). In particular, it should be checked if there are bright objects within the UVOT field of view that might prohibit the use of UVOT or impact the scientific objectives of your proposed observation. A search for bright objects should be performed within a 20' radius of the pointing direction to account for pointing inaccuracies. The brightness limits of UVOT are explained in the UVOT Digest.

This tool allows you to check if there are bright objects (<12 mag) within the UVOT field of view by querying the Swift Bright Star Catalog (Swift BSC) which was compiled from 4 catalogues (Tycho-2, GVCS III, NGC, and the Yale Bright Star Catalogue). Please note that this catalog only contains objects that have a fixed position and does not include objects like asteroids, comets, planets, the Moon, Sun, or other objects that have no fixed position in the sky.

The tool will output a DSS image with the 17'x17' UVOT field of view overlaid, a circle that gives the UVOT field regardless of position angle, a larger circle with a radius of 20' to account for pointing inaccuracies, and a list of bright objects from the Swift BSC within the 20' search radius.

Please enter the coordinates or name of your source (in standard Skyview format) and an optional position angle of the observation:

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