The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

UVOT Digest

Most recently updated: 14 April 2016

The UVOT Digest is a compendium of information about UVOT calibration and data analysis issues. It contains up-to-date information about UVOT, usually before this information has reached the formal UVOT documentation.

UVOT Calibration Status

Item Date Status
Zero Points July 7, 2011 Updated
Photometric Calibration Issues January 4, 2011 Updated
Distortion Map September 14, 2010 Updated
Teldef File Issues September 1, 2009 Added
Point-Spread Function March 26, 2009 Updated
UVOT Grisms: UV Grism, V Grism October 6, 2008 Updated
UVOT Operational Constraints and Performance Issues

UVOT Science Analysis Issues

Item Date Status
Small Scale Sensitivity check for UVOT October 24, 2022 Updated
Uvotimage and Settling Exposures February 18, 2011 Added
Image Wrap-Around Strip December 3, 2010 Added
Red Leak in Ultraviolet Filters September 21, 2010 Added
UVOT Astrometry January 28, 2010 Added
UVOT Aperture Corrections January 19, 2010 Updated
Correcting UVOT Frame Times for Data Taken Nov 10-22, 2006 November 13, 2009 Resolved
Understanding UVOT Exposure Time Keywords November 13, 2006 Added
UVOT Coincidence Loss Corrections November 13, 2006 Updated
General Issues December 12, 2005 Updated
Incorrect Exposure Times in Aspect-Corrected Images December 1, 2005 Fixed in Pipeline
Residual 5 Arcsec Pointing Uncertainties and Combined Images December 1, 2005 Fixed in Pipeline
Tails in 100-s Finding Chart Exposures Resolved
Tails in IMAGE Mode Date Resolved
Wrong Keywords in UVOT GeNI Image (TDRSS only) Resolved