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The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Swift Mission Participants: Institutional Responsibilities

Responsibilities Lead Institution   (key to acronymns)
Principal Investigator, Mission Management GSFC
Spacecraft Spectrum Astro
BAT Instrument
     Management, Hardware
     On-board GRB Software
XTR Instrument
     Management, Electronics, Flight Software
     Detector System
UVOT Instrument
     Management, Electronics
     Instrument Development
Mission Integration and Test Spectrum Astro/GSFC
Ground System Management GSFC
Ground Station ASI
Mission Operations Center PSU
Science Center GSFC
Data Centers GSFC, ASI/OAB, LU
GRB Follow-up UCB
Education/Public Outreach SSU

ASI = Italian Space Agency
GSFC = Goddard Space Flight Center
LANL = Los Alamos National Laboratory
MPE = Max Planck Institude fr Extraterrestrische Physik
MSSL = Mullard Space Science Laboratory
OAB = Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
PSU = Penn State University
SSU = Sonoma State University
UCB = University of California, Berkeley
UL = University of Leicester