GRB 060218

Time: 03:34:31
Trigger Number: 191157
Burst Advocate: Giancarlo Cusumano

BAT Data:

RA: a 50.380
Dec: a 16.910
90% Error Radius: b 2.5
T90: c ~2100
Fluence: d 15.70 (1.52)
1s Peak Photon Flux: e 0.25 (0.11)
Photon Index: f 2.26, PL (0.17)

90% error in parentheses,
a J2000; b arcmin; c seconds; d 10-7 erg/cm2 (15-150 keV); e ph/cm2/sec (15-150 keV); f PL = simple power-law, CPL = cutoff power-law (15-150 keV)

BAT Light Curve:

BAT Light Curve for GRB 060218

XRT Data:

RA: a 03:21:39.69
Dec: a 16:52:01.6
90% Error Radius: b 1.4
Time to First Observation: c 153.08
Early Flux: d n/a
11 Hour Flux: d 0.03869478
24 Hour Flux: d 0.015699528
Initial Temporal Index: 0.6494
Spectral Index (Gamma): 3.52495
Column Density (NH): e 3.97852

Note: Please be aware that only the very basic temporal and spectral quantities are reported here. You are strongly encouraged to see the referenced GCN circulars for full details.
a J2000; b arcsec; c seconds; d 10-11 erg/cm2/s (0.3-10 keV); e 1021 cm-2

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UVOT Data:

RA: a 03:21:39.71
Dec: a 16:52:02.6
90% Error Radius: b 1.0
Time to First Observation: c 152
V Magnitude: V=17.8
Other Filter Magnitudes: B=17.7

a J2000; b arcsec; c seconds

Other Burst Info:

0.0331 (MDM: emission)
0.033 (VLT: emission)
0.033 (Gemini: emission)
0.033 (BTA: emission)
0.033 (Keck I: emission)
Host Galaxy:
SDSS (possible host)
Other Observatory Detections:
ROTSE-IIIb, MDM (2.4m), La Palma, VLA @ 8.46 GHz, Xinglong (0.8m, 1m), VLT, Gemini, TNG (3.6m), BTA (6.0m), La Silla (Danish 1.5m, REM 60cm), RBO, WIRO (2.3m), ABT (0.25m), CrAO (70cm, K-380, 2.6m), CTIO (1.3m), Terskol (60cm), N. Copernicus (40cm), RTT150, XMM-Newton, SARA (0.9m), FLWO (1.2m), IAG-USP (60cm), Maidanak (1.5m), Loiano (152cm), Rozhen Observatory (2m), Keck I


GCN 4805: Most likely an underluminous GRB
UVOT: brightening counterpart
SN 2006aj