GRB 190829A

Time: 19:56:44.60
Trigger Number: 922968
Burst Advocate: Simone Dichiara

BAT Data:

RA: a 44.542
Dec: a -8.958
90% Error Radius: b 1.9
T90: c 58.2
Fluence: d 64 (7)
1s Peak Photon Flux: e 18.0 (2.7)
Photon Index: f 2.56, PL (0.21)

90% error in parentheses,
a J2000; b arcmin; c seconds; d 10-7 erg/cm2 (15-150 keV); e ph/cm2/sec (15-150 keV); f PL = simple power-law, CPL = cutoff power-law (15-150 keV)

XRT Data:

RA: a 02:58:10.51
Dec: a -08:57:29.3
90% Error Radius: b 1.4
Time to First Observation: c 97.31
Early Flux: d 77.5
11 Hour Flux: d 2.31421665
24 Hour Flux: d 0.80497387
Initial Temporal Index: -0.2358
Spectral Index (Gamma): 2.0913
Column Density (NH): e 11.196957

Note: Please be aware that only the very basic temporal and spectral quantities are reported here. You are strongly encouraged to see the referenced GCN circulars for full details.
a J2000; b arcsec; c seconds; d 10-11 erg/cm2/s (0.3-10 keV); e 1021 cm-2

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UVOT Data:

RA: a n/a
Dec: a n/a
90% Error Radius: b n/a
Time to First Observation: c 106
V Magnitude: V=17.52
Other Filter Magnitudes: B=17.29

a J2000; b arcsec; c seconds

Other Burst Info:

0.0785 (GTC: absorption & emission from SDSS J025810.28-085719.2)
0.078 (Keck I: emission from host)
Host Galaxy:
Other Observatory Detections:
Fermi (GBM), Dabancheng (0.5m), MASTER-Kislovodsk, GROWTH-India, NOT, GTC (10.4m), H.E.S.S., MPG (2.2m), AGILE, KAIT (0.76m), MMT (6.5m), UKIRT, Liverpool (2m), NOEMA @ 90 GHz, TNG (3.6m), Keck I, uGMRT (1050-1450 MHz), MeerKAT @ 1.3 GHz, LCO (1m), GROND, MASTER-SAAO, Konus-Wind, Stroncone Observatory (50cm), ATCA at 5.5 GHz, ZTSh (2.6m)


We note the presence of a galaxy SDSS J025810.28-085719.2 with z=0.07914 centered at a distance of 10 arcseconds from the XRT location.