The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Swift HEAD Meeting Workshop 2004

September 7, 2004
Hotel Monteleone
New Orleans, LA
Program: Download an MS Word or PDF version.

All the presentations are linked as PDF files. If you are interested in obtaining the PowerPoint files for the presentations, then please email J.D. Myers .

08:0 AM Registration  
08:30 AM Introduction Gehrels
08:45 AM Swift Operations Overview Nousek
09:05 AM BAT Instrument Operations Barthelmy
09:20 AM XRT Instrument Operations Burrows
09:35 AM UVOT Instrument Operations Mason
09:50 AM Ground System Overview Marshall
10:00 AM Data Access from HEASARC/SDC Angelini
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM BAT Data Analysis Software Markwardt
11:15 AM XRT Data Analysis Software Tagliaferri
11:45 AM UVOT Data Analysis Software Still
12:15 PM Data Centers in the UK and Italy Osborne
12:30 PM Swift Science Center Holland
12:45 PM Lunch
01:45 PM Swift in the Context of GRB Understanding Meszaros
02:15 PM Ability of Swift to Detect and Locate GRBs Fenimore
02:35 PM Follow-Up Team Interfaces to MOC Hurley
02:50 PM INTEGRAL Results and Interaction with Swift Mereghetti
03:15 PM HETE-2 Results and Interaction with Swift Lamb
03:30 PM GRACE Collaboration and JANET Kouveliotou
03:45 PM Break
04:00 PM ROTSE-III Don Smith
04:15 PM Super-LOTIS Milne
04:30 PM Swift and the Global Telescope Network Cominsky
04:45 PM Swift Follow-up at ESO & REM Chincarini
04:57 PM The Robotic Palomar 60" Telescope Fox
05:09 PM Robonet Bode
05:21 PM Rice U. CCD Imager for AEOS Ian Smith
05:33 PM The Burst Populations Swift Will Detect Band
05:45 PM An Improved Standard Candle for GRBs Liang
05:57 PM Adjourn


Gehrels, Neil - Swift Poster
Myers, J.D. - Swift Booth
Nishikawa, Ken-Ichi - Particle Acceleration, B Field Generation, and Emission
Stamatikos, Michael - Modeling the Flux of GRB Muonic Neutrinos