The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Workshop on Future Opportunities for Swift Science

Penn State
May 1-2, 2007

Program - PDF

Tuesday, May 1:

08:15 Registration  
09:00 Welcome & Observatory Status J. Nousek
09:15 The Future of Swift N. Gehrels
09:30 Enhancing GRB Light Curve Studies P. O'Brien
09:45 XRT Future D. Burrows
10:00 Rapid Ground-Based GRB Follow-up J. Fynbo
10:15 Break  
10:35 Future Opportunities for Swift S. Kulkarni
10:50 BAT Future S. Barthelmy
11:05 Future BAT HX Survey Studies J. Tueller
11:20 HX Survey Science Drivers R. Mushotzky
11:35 AGN Studies with Swift N. Brandt
11:50 Future Observations of Stars #1 R. Osten
12:05 Future Observations of Stars #2 E. Feigelson
12:15 Lunch  
01:30 Strategies for Enhancing Follow-up & SHBs E. Berger
01:55 GRB Redshifts T. Sakamoto
02:10 UVOT Future P. Roming
02:25 Understanding GRB Outflows G. Chincarini
02:40 Ground-Based Follow-up Planning M. Della Valle
02:50 Joint Observations with IPN K. Hurley
03:00 Afterglow Theories B. Zhang
03:10 Break  
03:30 Joint Observations with INTEGRAL P. Ubertini
03:45 Joint Observations with GLAST D. Thompson
04:00 Strategies for Blazar Studies A. Wehrle
04:15 GLAST Unidentified Sources P. Caraveo
04:30 Coordination with TeV Telescope D. Williams
04:45 Monitoring AGN D. Grupe
04:55 Swift Galaxy Surveys S. Immler
05:05 Discussion N. Gehrels
06:00 Adjourn  
07:00 Dinner  

Wednesday, May 2:

09:00 Vision for X-ray binaries, transients, AXPs S. Campana
09:15 X-ray burst opportunities C. Markwardt
09:30 Coordination with Suzaku T. Takahashi
09:45 Future Opportunities for Supernova Studies S. Immler
10:00 GLAST GRB sensitivity & Swift-GLAST Coord. D. Band
10:10 Cosmic Diffuse Background with BAT M. Ajello
10:20 Break  
10:40 Solar System Objects C. Lisse
10:55 Future Opportunities for CV Studies J. Osborne
11:10 Classical Nova Observations (V723 Cas) G. Schwarz
11:20 Discussion K. Mason
12:30 Lunch