The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

News from 2001

October 2001 - New Technology with Many Potential Applications Incorporated in NASA's Swift Satellite
Big things come in tiny packages ... 40,000 tiny packages, to be exact. The solid state detector company, eV Products, a division of II-VI Inc., has delivered 40,000 thumbtack-sized gamma-ray detectors to the scientists building the Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer. The detectors may allow advances in medical and security imaging, also.
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April 3, 2001 - NASA Exercises Delta II Contract Option for Swift Spacecraft
NASA today announced plans to exercise a contract option with the Boeing Company for a Delta II 7320-10 expendable launch vehicle to launch the Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer spacecraft. The firm-fixed price option is covered under the NASA Launch Services contract (NAS10-00-001) officially awarded by NASA's Kennedy Space Center on June 16, 2000 to Delta Launch Services, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA.
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February 12, 2001 - Swift is Confirmed for Hardware Development by NASA Headquarters