The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Swift Software, Calibration Files and Documentation Now Available

December 1, 2004

The first public version of the Swift software has been released by the HEASARC (Swift 1.0). This release includes the tools run in the Swift analysis pipeline to generate the Swift data products. Interested users can install the software either from source code or binaries. A collection of flight-like test data will be made available shortly so users can familiarize themselves with the software before Swift data become public.

Launch-ready calibration files are now available via the Swift CALDB. These calibration files will run in the pipeline on the first Swift science data, and can be used with the Swift software. As the instruments undergo on-orbit calibration, the CALDB will be updated with more accurate information.

Software User's Guides are available as PDF files for each of Swift's three instruments (BAT, XRT and UVOT). These guides include brief overviews of the instrument data and the processing pipeline, and include helpful recipes for science users. These guides will be updated, and made available in other formats such as HTML in the near future.

Links to the Swift software, Swift CALDB and Software User's Guides can all be found on the Swift Data Analysis page. Please send questions to the Swift Science Center via our Feedback Form.