The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Two Important Items Concerning Swift Cycle 3

If you are interested in being a Swift Cycle 3 proposer or reviewer, please note the following items:

Potential Cycle 3 Reviewers:

There was a typo in the e-mail address of our earlier message. If you are interested in being a Cycle 3 reviewer, please send your name, areas of scientific expertise, and the e-mail, phone, and address where you can be reached (from Aug. 1 - Oct. 1) to "". (Not "milkyway" as the previous message specified.) Our apologies for the error.

Cycle 3 Proposers:

The deadline for proposal submission is 11:59 PM EDT, July 28 (a Friday). Your institution MUST submit your proposal electronically using the NSPIRES system, which requires registration - please register soon, if you have not done so already! Be sure to give your institution enough time to submit the proposal on your behalf. Register at: NSPIRES's web site


Also, for those proposing TOO observations, the AKBAR/RPS system at GSFC will be used to collect target information - you will need to submit your target info by the proposal deadline. For further information on all of this, please see our Checklist of Swift Cycle 3 information.

PIs at Foreign Institutions:

Once you have an NSPIRES account, you will need to affiliate with the NASA Swift Science Center. (This will allow your proposal to be considered, even though it originates from a foreign institution.) Follow these directions, and please note - it may take several days for your affiliation to be approved - do it as early as possible!

To set your affiliation:

Login to NSPIRES Choose "Account Management" from your selection choices. Choose "Affliations" Click on "Add Affiliation" Now type in "NASA Swift Science Center" and complete the Affiliation request.

You will be notified once your affiliation has been approved. DO NOT wait until the last minute to release your proposal to the SSC for submission. In order to make sure all proposals are submitted by the deadline, we recommend you release your proposal to the SSC no later than Friday, July 21, 2006.

If you have any questions about Swift Cycle 3, please send them to the Swift Help Desk via our Feedback form.

Good luck to all in Cycle 3!