The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

UVOT Modes for Swift Cycle 4

These are the Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) modes available to Guest Observers in Swift Cycle 4:

Mode Filter(s)
0x9999 default filter of the day (uvw2, uvm2, uvw1 or u)
0x011e uvw2
0x015a uvm2
0x018c uvw1
0x01aa u
0x2016 b (with earth limb protection)
0x2005 v (with earth limb protection)
0x30ed uvw2:uvm2:uvw1:u:b:v (weighted 4:3:2:1:1:1)
0x30c5 uvw2:uvm2:uvw1:u:b:v (weighted 1:1:1:1:1:1)
0x308f uvw2:uvm2:uvw1 (weighted 1:1:1)
0x2238 uvw1:u:b:v (weighted 5:2:1:1) for red objects
0x205d b:v (weighted 1:1)