The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory


We have produced lightcurves from the BAT 58-month survey data in two ways.

The first set of lightcurves are produced by using the normal survey processing to produce a mosaicked map for each month of the survey. Source rates and errors are extracted from these monthly mosaics at the position of each counterpart in the 58-month catalog. The lightcurves are produced for each of the eight individual BAT energy bands, and separately for the Crab-weighted total band (14 - 195 keV)

The second set of lightcurves are produced from the individual snapshot images from each ~5 minute observation corrected for off-axis effects. These lightcurves are much more finely sampled, and will usually need to be rebinned with the ftool gaussrebinlc to achieve good sensitivity in each bin.

Data last modified: 19 Mar 2012
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