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BAT image for SWIFT J1139.1+5913

BAT Hard X-ray Image
(5 degrees on a side, red = BAT sig 14-24,
green = BAT sig 24-50, BAT sig 50-100

Optical image for SWIFT J1139.1+5913

Optical Image
(3 arcmin on a side, red = DSS 2 IR,
green = DSS 2 red, blue = DSS 2 blue

Source Number:80
Swift Name:SWIFT J1139.1+5913
ID:SBS 1136+594
RA deg:174.7873 (J2000)
Dec deg:59.1985 (J2000)
>15 deg:y~
fBAT:2.5 x 10-11 ergs/cm2/sec (14-195 keV)
Log(L[ergs s-1]):44.33 (14-195 keV)
Type:Sy 1.5
J mag:14.83
fROSAT Rate:0.372 cts/sec

BAT 9-month Lightcurves:

BAT 4-Day Light Curve for SBS 1136+594

BAT 4-Day Light Curve for SBS 1136+594

All BAT 9-month Lightcurves:

BAT Spectrum:

Includes the .pha file and the diagonal response matrix.

Data last updated: 19 Mar 2012