The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Swift PhDs

Theses from 2015

  1. The Progenitors of Extended Emission Gamma-ray Bursts
    Gompertz, Benjamin; University of Leicester 2015
  2. Characterization and Development of an Event-Driven Hybrid CMOS X-Ray Detector
    Griffith, Christopher; The Pennsylvania State University, 2015
  3. The Diversity and Versatility of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Laskar, Tanmoy; Harvard University, 2015
  4. Multi-wavelength Follow-up of ANTARES Neutrino Alerts
    Mathieu, Aurore; Aix Marseille Universite, 2015
  5. Investigation of Short Transient Events in Gamma-ray Energy Range Observed by INTEGRAL, Swift and Fermi (in Russian)
    Minaev, Pavel; Space Research Institute (IKI), 2015
  6. Exploring the Dynamic Radio Sky: The Search for Slow Transients with the VLA
    Mooley, Kunal P., 2015
  7. Study of the Radiation Effects on the Swift-XRT CCD Camera in Low Earth Orbit
    Pagani, Claudio; University of Leicester, 2015
  8. The Connection Between Inflow and Outflow Around Accreting Stellar-mass Black Holes
    Russell, Thomas David; Curtin University, 2015
  9. Towards Understanding Magnetic Field Generation in Relativistic Shocks with GRB Afterglow Observations and the GRB Radiation Mechanism with Photospheric Simulations and the X-Ray Flare Radiation Mechanism
    Santana, Rodolfo; University of Texas at Austin, 2015
  10. The needle in the 100 deg2 haystack: The hunt for binary neutron star mergers with LIGO and Palomar Transient Factory
    Singer, Leo P., 2015

Theses from 2014

  1. Starlight beneath the waves: In search of TeV photon emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
    Astraatmadja, Tri L., 2014
  2. The relationship between UV and Optical variability and X-ray variability in Active Galactic Nuclei
    Cameron, Duncan; University of Southampton, 2014
  3. Moving mesh astrophysics
    Duffell, Paul C., 2014
  4. Unveiling the Progenitors of Short-duration Gamma-ray Bursts
    Fong, Wen-fai, 2014
  5. Physics of gamma-ray bursts and multi-messenger signals from double neutron star mergers
    Gao, He, 2014
  6. High energy neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts: Recent observations and models
    Gao, Shan, 2014
  7. Probing the central regions of active galactic nuclei
    Lohfink, Anne Maria, 2014
  8. X-ray time and spectral variability as probes of ultraluminous x-ray sources
    Pasham, Dheeraj Ranga Reddy, 2014
  9. Ultraviolet observations of core-collapse supernovae
    Pritchard, Tyler Anthony, 2014
  10. The curious case of SN 2011dn: A very peculiar type Ia supernova?
    Rachubo, Alisa, 2014
  11. X-ray astrophysics: Constraining thermal conductivity in intracluster gas in clusters of galaxies and placing limits on progenitor systems of Type Ia supernovae
    Russell, Brock Richard, 2014
  12. Core-collapse Supernova Progenitors in the Era of Untargeted Transient Searches
    Sanders, Nathan Edward, 2014
  13. X-ray, ultraviolet, and optical flares in gamma-ray burst light curves
    Swenson, Craig Arnel, 2014
  14. Constraining the progenitors of short gamma-ray bursts
    Tunnicliffe, Rachel; University of Warwick, 2014

Theses from 2013

  1. High mass X-ray binaries in the MilkyWay and beyond: a multiwavelength temporal and spectroscopic study
    Bartlett, Elizabeth, 2013
  2. Characterization and Applications of Hybrid CMOS Detectors in X-Ray Astronomy
    Bongiorno, Stephen; The Pennsylvania State University, 2013
  3. Accretion processes of radio galaxies at high energies
    de Jong, Sandra, 2013
  4. Very high-energy blazars: A broad(band) perspective
    Furniss, Amy Kathryn, 2013
  5. Improving the detectability of gravitational wave counterparts of short-hard gamma ray bursts
    Ghosh, Shaon, 2013
  6. A Study of Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxies
    Graham, John; Johns Hopkins University, 2013
  7. Hydrodynamical simulations of strong tides in astrophysical systems
    Guillochon, James, 2013
  8. A targeted LIGO-Virgo search for gravitational waves associated with gamma-ray bursts using low-threshold swift GRB triggers
    Harstad, Emelie D., 2013
  9. Modeling Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift-Fermi era
    Hascoet, Romain, 2013
  10. Modelling the prompt and afterglow emission of Gamma-Ray bursts
    Littlejohns, Owen Madoc; University of Leicester, 2013
  11. Investigating Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitors & Central Engines
    Lyons, Nicola; University of Leicester, 2013
  12. Searching for the Long-Duration Gamma Ray Burst Progenitor
    Mesler, Robert A., III, 2013
  13. Electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational wave candidates
    Nuttall, L. K., 2013
  14. Gravitational waves and short gamma ray bursts
    Predoi, Valeriu, 2013
  15. Mergers of Black Hole -- Neutron Star Binaries
    Rantsiou, Emmanouela, 2013
  16. Using Multiwavelength Observations of Short GRBs to Constrain Their Progenitors
    Rowlinson, Antonia Beatrix, 2013

Theses from 2012

  1. An examination of black hole binaries using X-ray observations and the development of the Bragg reflection polarimeter
    Allured, Ryan; The University of Iowa, 2012
  2. BAT Slew Survey (BATSS): Slew Data Analysis for the Swift-BAT Coded Aperture Imaging Telescope
    Copete, Antonio; Harvard University, 2012
  3. On the Gamma Ray Emission of the Short GRB 090510
    He, Haoning; Nanjing University, 2012
  4. A new paradigm for the interpretation of the thermal emission in GRBs
    Izzo, Luca; Sapienza, University of Rome, 2012
  5. Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources in the Andromeda Galaxy: Two Recent Discoveries and their Implications
    Kaur, Amanpreet; Clemson University, 2012
  6. Improving Type Ia Supernova Standard Candle Cosmology Measurements Using Observations of Early-Type Host Galaxies
    Meyers, Joshua Evan; University of California, Berkeley, 2012
  7. Recurrent Novae and Type Ia Supernova Progenitors
    Pagnotta, Ashley Sara; Louisiana State University, 2012

Theses from 2011

  1. Studies of Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission with RHESSI and NCT
    Bellm, Eric Christopher; University of California, Berkeley, 2011
  2. Testing and Improving the Luminosity Relations for Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Collazzi, Andrew; University of Texas, Austin, 2011
  3. Spectral Analysis of X-Ray Binaries
    Fridriksson, Joel K.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011
  4. Bridging the gap : elusive explosions in the local universe
    Kasliwal, Mansi M.; California Institute of Technology, 2011
  5. The host galaxies of ultra hard X-ray selected AGN
    Koss, Michael J.; University of Maryland, College Park, 2011
  6. Observational Studies of Magnetar Candidates and Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Lin, Lin; Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011
  7. The X-ray behaviour of Fermi/LAT pulsars
    Marelli, Martino; University Insubria, 2011
  8. Modeling gamma-ray bursts
    Maxham, Amanda; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2011
  9. A search for TeV neutrino emission with IceCube coincident with Swift BAT flares from blazars
    Movit, Steven Michael; The Pennsylvania State University, 2011
  10. Nichelli, Elisa; University of Rome, 2011
  11. The Diverse Environments of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Perley, Daniel Alan; University of California, Berkeley, 2011
  12. Statistical Analysis of the Observable Data of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Ripa, Jakub, 2011
  13. On the nature of gamma-ray burst host galaxies
    Svensson, Karl; University of Warwick, 2011
  14. Multi-wavelength Study of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows
    Uehara, Takeshi; Hiroshima University, 2011
  15. Spectral Lags and Variability of Gamma-ray Bursts in the Swift Era
    Ukwatta, Tilan N., 2011
  16. Gamma-ray burst populations
    Virgili, Francisco Javier; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2011
  17. A Study of UV, Optical, and X-ray Emission from Quasars
    Wu, Jian; The Pennsylvania State University, 2011
  18. Interactions between relativistic GRB outflows and medium
    Xu, Ming; Nanjing University, China, 2011
  19. Phenomenological studies in astronomy and collider physics
    Yencho, Brian; The University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2011
  20. Spectroscopy of high redshift sightlines
    Zafar, Tayyaba; University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011
  21. A multi-wavelength study on gamma-ray bursts and their afterglows
    Zhang, Binbin; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2011

Theses from 2010

  1. Cosmological aspects of gamma ray bursts
    Behkam, Razieh; Arizona State University, 2010
  2. The Swift-XRT Survey of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies
    Bignamini, Andrea; 2010
  3. Multiwavelength observations of accreting binary systems
    Byckling, Kristiina; University of Leicester, 2010
  4. Active Galactic Nuclei throughout the Spectrum: M 87, PKS 2052-47, and the MOJAVE sample
    Chang, Chin-Shin; University of Cologne, 2010
  5. Gamma-ray burst afterglows as probes of their host galaxies and the cosmos
    Cucchiara, Antonino; The Pennsylvania State University, 2010
  6. Data reduction and progenitor of GRBs
    Cui, Xiaohong; Peking University, 2010
  7. Exploring sub-luminous X-ray binaries
    Degenaar, Nathalie; University of Amsterdam, 2010
  8. Multidimensional diffusive shock acceleration in the winds from massive stars
    Edmon, Paul Pretzer; University of Minnesota, 2010
  9. High-Energy Phenomena in Extreme Astrophysical Objects and the Origin of High-Energy Cosmic Rays
    Murase, Kohta; Kyoto University, 2010
  10. Investigating gamma-ray burst afterglows using optical/UV and X-ray observations from Swift
    Oates, Samantha; University of London, 2010
  11. Observational Study on Hard X-Ray Variability in Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Onda, Kaori; Saitama University, 2010
  12. Exploring The Bizarrerie: Research on Selective Physical Processes in Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Shen, Rongfeng; University of Texas at Austin, 2010
  13. Accretion/ejection coupling in X-ray binaries
    Soleri, P.; Univeristy of Amsterdam, 2010
  14. A method for establishing constraints on galactic magnetic field models using ultra high energy cosmic rays and results from the data of the Pierre Auger Observatory
    Sutherland, Michael Stephen; The Ohio State University, 2010
  15. Gamma Ray Bursts as Probes of Dust in the Evolving Universe
    Updike, Adria C.; Clemson University, 2010
  16. Inverse Compton scattering in galaxy clusters
    Wik, Daniel Ryan; University of Virginia, 2010
  17. Gamma-Ray Burst Redshift Catalog and Applications
    Xiao, Limin; Louisiana State University, 2010
  18. Photometrical studies of GRB Optical Afterglows
    Xin, Liping; National Astronomical Observcatories, Chinese Academiy of Sciences, China, 2010
  19. Chasing the Brightest Cosmic Explosions with ROTSE-III
    Yuan, Fang; University of Michigan, 2010

Theses from 2009

  1. Accretion states and thermonuclear bursts in neutron star X-ray binaries
    Alegret, M. Linares; University of Amsterdam, 2009
  2. The ultraviolet properties of supernovae
    Brown, Peter J.; The Pennsylvania State University, 2009
  3. The energetics and environments of Swift gamma-ray bursts
    Cenko, S. Bradley; California Institute of Technology, 2009
  4. A search for Gamma Ray Burst Neutrinos in AMANDA
    Duvoort, M. R.; University Utrecht, The Netherlands, 20092009
  5. Observations of gamma-ray burst afterglows with the AEOS Burst Camera
    Flewelling, Heather Anne; University of Michigan, 2009
  6. Gamma Ray Bursts: Selected results from the Swift mission
    Hurkett, Cheryl; University of Leicester, 2009
  7. Gamma-ray Bursts: outflows and surroundings
    Jin, Zhi-Ping; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2009
  8. Early afterglows and high energy emission of gamma-ray bursts
    Liu, Xuewen; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2009
  9. Toward New Insights on GRB Physics: From X-ray Spectroscopy to the Identification of Characteristic Time Scales
    Margutti, Raffaella; Brera Observatory, 2009
  10. The collimation signatures of gamma-ray bursts: Jet properties and energetics inferred from X-ray afterglow observations
    Racusin, Judith Lea; The Pennsylvania State University, 2009
  11. A search for muon neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts with the IceCube 22-string detector
    Roth, A. Philip, Jr.; University of Maryland, College Park, 2009
  12. Gamma-ray bursts in their early stages
    Shao, Lang; Nanjing University, China, 2009
  13. Gamma-ray Bursts in the Swift Era: Evidence for a long-lived central engine and implication for the progenitors models
    Troja, Eleonora; University Palermo, 2009
  14. Gamma and x-ray observations of GRBs The INTEGRAL ISCRI sample and dust scattering expanding rings
    Vianello, Giacomo; University Insubria, 2009
  15. Gamma-ray bursts: afterglow modeling, origin, and implications
    Xu, Dong; Dark Cosmology Center, NBI, 2009
  16. High energy radiation from GRBs and their afterglows
    Xue, Rong-Rong; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2009
  17. Optical follow-up observations and studies of gamma-ray burst afterglows, National Astronomical Observatories
    Zheng, Weikang; Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2009

Theses from 2008

  1. Long-term observations of gamma-ray bursts: The complex connection between gamma-ray bursts and supernovae
    Cobb, Bethany Elisa; Yale University, 2008
  2. Multi-wavelength analyses of gamma-ray bursts: Features of Swift GRBs and the blast wave model
    Curran, P. A.; University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2008
  3. Swift observations of the Moon: A search for the lunar albedo and occultation
    Dewitt, Vanessa C.; The University of Alabama, Huntsville, 2008
  4. A wideband analog correlating spectrometer for millimeter astronomy
    Goeller, Robert E.; University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2008
  5. Astroparticle physics with the MINOS Far Detector
    Grashorn, Eric William; University of Minnesota, 2008
  6. Gamma-ray burst observations above 100 GeV with STACEE
    Jarvis, Alexander Charles; University of California, Los Angeles, 2008
  7. Constraining the AGN contribution in a multiwavelength study of Seyfert galaxies
    Melendez Hernandez, Marcio Baal; The Catholic University of America, 2008
  8. X-ray flares in Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Morris, David C.; The Pennsylvania State University, 2008
  9. Gamma-ray burst outflows and afterglows
    Morsony, Brian James; University of Colorado, Boulder, 2008
  10. Peering into X-ray sky with Swift/BAT and XMM-Newton
    Novara, Giovanni, 2008
  11. Monitoring of X-ray binaries and novae with the Burst Alert Telescope on board the Swift satellite
    Senziani, Fabio; Universit‘a degli Studi XX ciclo, 2008
  12. Study of the high-energy emission from AGN and its correlation to the other wavelengths
    Soldi, S., 2008
  13. Gamma-Ray Burst host Galaxies at high resolution
    Thöne, Christina Carina; University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008
  14. Probing the Efficiency of Electron-Proton Coupling in Relativistic Collisionless Shocks through the Radio Polarimetry of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows
    Toma, Kenji; Kyoto University, 2008
  15. Relativistic blast waves and gamma-ray burst afterglows
    Uhm, Zuhngwhi Lucas; Columbia University, 2008
  16. Extragalactic X-ray surveys of ULXs and AGNs
    Winter, Lisa M.; University of Maryland, College Park, 2008
  17. A search for multi-planet systems
    Wittenmyer, Robert Andrew; The University of Texas, Austin, 2008
  18. Pulse temporal characteristics and their energy dependences of gamma-ray bursts
    Zhang, Fu-Wen; Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2008

Theses from 2007

  1. Cometary X-rays. Solar wind charge exchange in cometary atmospheres
    Bodewits, Dennis; University of Groningen, 2007
  2. Studies of intrinsic properties of gamma ray bursts detected by the HETE-II satellite
    Csatorday, Peter; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007
  3. Detectability of high redshift GRBs
    Gou, Lijun; Penn State University, 2007
  4. Gamma-ray bursts and their afterglows: Toward a unified model
    McMahon, Erin Malia; The University of Texas, Austin, 2007
  5. Properties of Early X-Ray Afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Sato, Rie; Tokyo Tech, 2007
  6. Prompt Observations Of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Swift
    Schady, P.; University of London, 2007
  7. The Many Facets of Cosmic Explosions
    Soderberg, A. M. ; California Institute of Technology, 2007
  8. Broadband view of blast wave physics: a study of gamma-ray burst afterglows
    van der Horst, A.J.; University of Amsterdam, 2007
  9. Delving into the dragons den: the host galaxies of gamma-ray bursts
    Wiersema, K.; University of Amsterdam, 2007

Theses from 2006

  1. Early afterglow evolution of x-ray flashes observed by Swift
    Hullinger, Derek; University of Maryland, College Park, 2006
  2. Progenitors for long and short gamma-ray bursts
    Malesani, Daniele; ISAS Trieste, 2006
  3. Probing reionization and early structure formation
    Mesinger, Andrei; Columbia University, 2006
  4. Study of Hard X-ray Emission from Accreting Neutron Star Binaries
    Mitani, Takefumi; University of Tokyo, 2006
  5. Gamma-ray and X-ray Study of Relativistic Jets in Gamma-ray Burst Sources detected with Swift
    Sato, Goro; University of Tokyo, 2006
  6. Probing for correlated neutrino emission from gamma-ray bursts with Antarctic Cherenkov telescopes: A theoretical modeling and analytical search paradigm in the context of the fireball phenomenolgy
    Stamatikos, Michael; State University of New York, Buffalo, 2006
  7. Numerical Study on the Hard X-ray Response of the Burst Alert Telescope onboard Swift
    Suzuki, Masaya; Saitama University, 2006
  8. Gamma-ray burst and its afterglow: reverse-forward shock, orphan afterglow and jet structure
    Zou, Yuan-Chuan; Nanjing University, China, 2006

Theses from 2005

  1. The physical composition of the GRB outflow and the observational signals
    Fan, Yi-Zhong; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2005
  2. Researches on the X-ray line in the afterglow of Gamma-ray Bursts
    Gao, Wei-Hong; Purple Mountain Observatory, 2005
  3. Prompt observations of gamma-ray burst afterglows with ROTSE-III
    Rykoff, Eli S.; University of Michigan, 2005